Property File Search

Please note: Our property files have been sent off-site to be digitised. Files are available for viewing, but customers will have to wait a bit longer than usual for the file to become available. We apologise for any inconvenience.     

A reminder to everyone wanting to look at a file - you must fill in the form below.

Please use our online form below to request to view a property file. 

Property files provide useful and important information if you are considering buying a property, building a house or making any changes to a property.

A property file is likely to contain:

  • Building Consents
  • Building plans
  • Code of compliance certificates
  • Certificate of acceptance documents
  • As-built plans (eg: internal wastewater and stormwater plans)
  • Land use consents

We cannot guarantee the information you require will be included.

How do I view a property file?

Property files may be viewed at the Council’s office (29 Bowler Avenue, Gore) during office hours. There is no charge.


Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: