Residents' Survey

Each year the Gore District Council undertakes a phone and online survey of residents to find out what they think about specific services and facilities, and how they feel about the District and the Council's performance.

2017 Residents' Survey

This year was the first time the Council has been able to benchmark itself against similar local authorities. It is a service Research First offers the Councils it works with at no additional cost.

The Councils we were benchmarked against were South Taranaki, Ashburton, Clutha District and Grey District. Comparisons were shown where three or more Councils asked a question around the same service area, facility or issue. In 14 of the 16 areas, the Council was above the group mean. It had the highest percentage in five areas – quality of water supply, local gravel/unsealed roads, kerbside recycling, libraries and community halls.

This year was the first time there were questions around the District Plan and planning. The responses show that knowledge of the District Plan among residents was low, with 50% having never heard of it or had heard of the plan but didn’t know anything it.

In terms of district planning

  • 52% wanted to see the Council do more to assist economic development,
  • 37% thought the Council was effective at identify residential land for development, and
  • 41% thought the Council was effective at identifying commercial/industrial land for development.

Overall, residents were very positive about their District. Of those surveyed, 94% said it was a great place to live. This is an excellent result when compared to the national 2016 Quality of Life Survey, which saw only 79% of residents agree their city/local area was a great place to live.

2017 Residents' Survey [PDF, 2.4 MB]


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