Mataura Community Centre

Mataura Community Centre

A hub for activities in Mataura, the community centre features:

  • an auditorium (capacity 220 people)
  • a first class sound system
  • a small kitchen
  • three meeting areas in the adjacent Mataura senior citizens rooms 

The community centre was opened in 2008 and cost $1.3 million. It is located in McQueen Avenue, in the centre of the township, and is next to the Council's Mataura service centre and library. 

For more information or to make a booking please contact the Mataura service centre, phone 03 203 8114.

Fees & Charges

Hall and Foyer 
Evening functions 6.00pm - 12 midnight (includes kitchen) $120
Daytime functions 8.00am - 5.00pm (includes kitchen) $180
Half day functions 4 hour duration (includes kitchen) $100
Full day, weddings, dances, or similar functions (includes kitchen) $200
Weddings, dances or similar functions (includes kitchen) including prior half day set up (4 hours) $260
Kitchen $60
Per hour bookings $15
Refundable bond $250 per event  
Elderly Citizens Centre 
Games Room, full day $60
Games Room, half day $30
Games Room, evening $30
Lounge Room, full day $40
Lounge Room, half day $20
Lounge Room, evening $20
Plunket Room, full day $40
Plunket Room, half day $20
Plunket Room, evening $20
Entire Elderly Citizens Centre, full day $100
Entire Elderly Citizens Centre, half day $75
Entire Elderly Citizens Centre, evening $75
Kitchen and Dining Room $40
Kitchen only for morning/afternoon tea and supper $15
Refundable bond $150 per event  
Note – All furniture is to be left as it was found.  Failure to address this may result in forfeiture of bond
Entire Community Centre/Elderly Citizens Centre 
Full day $250
Half day $150
Evening $150
Refundable bond $400 per event  
Data projector/screen $50
Public announcement and sound system $25
Wireless* - per hour $5
- per half day $15
- per day $25
Wired* - per hour $5 + Set up $10
- per half day $15 + Set up $10
- per day $25 + Set up $10
* If technical assistance is required, time will be charged at cost.
Phone (plus any call charges)  
- Standard phone $10
- Conference call phone $20
Community based non-profit organisations and sports clubs Half stated rate
Cancellation fee (where setup is already undertaken) $20

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