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Dr Jack Philips 128 Main Street, Gore  Wednesday 4.00pm 18 April 2018

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What is a Notified Consent?

There are two types of notified resource consent applications:

Fully Notified – allows any person to lodge a submission in support and/or opposition, or to indicate a neutral position with respect to an application.

Note: The Gore District Council will publicly notify an application by displaying a sign or signs on the site, sending a copy of the application to affected parties and publishing a notice in the Ensign or, occasionally other newspapers, such as the Southland Times. We also post these on this page (above) and have a link on the Public Notices page of our website.

Limited Notified – notice of the application is served on all persons who the Council considers to be affected by a proposal, allowing only those persons identified as affected to lodge a submission.

Note: Persons who have been identified as affected and have provided their written approval, do not need to be served notice, and cannot lodge a submission.

Decision to Notify

Sections 95 to 95G of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) outlines the requirements for notification of a resource consent application.

In accordance with s95A, an application must be publicly notified if:

  • the activity will have or is likely to have adverse effects on the environment that are more than minor;
  • or the applicant requests it; or
  • a rule or national environmental standard requires public notification.

In addition, the Council may choose to publicly notify the application if:

  • regardless of any other matters, there are special circumstances (s95A(4))
  • a notification decision has not been made and a further information request is not responded to before the
  • deadline concerned or the applicant refuses to provide the information requested (s95C).

The decision to notify an application will be made within 10 days of it being lodged with the Council.

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