Rural / Urban Fires

The Gore District Council is a member of the Southern Rural Fire Authority, the organisation that covers all aspects of fire and fire safety in rural Southland.

We also have a bylaw that covers prevention of vegetation fire in urban areas. Any fire season restrictions imposed on rural areas also have effect on our urban areas.

Current Status: Restricted Fire Season

Fire season rules

Restricted Fire Season – this means you will need a permit to light a fire in the open air. There are some exemptions. They are:

  • Solid Fuel BBQ
  • Braziers
  • Camp fires (50cm x 50cm to keep warm or cook on)
  • Hangi
  • Hedge trimmings (under 2 x 2m and burn out in a few hours).
  • Incinerators
  • Offal Hole

Prohibited Fire Season – this means only gas BBQ’s are permitted but be particularly vigilant. Everything else is not allowed.

Open Fire Season - this means you do not need a permit for a BBQ (including solid fuel ones like charcoal), incinerator, traditional cooking fire or open air fire (eg garden waste).

Fire safety hints

A fire is at all times the responsibility of the person who lit it so always take care and use common sense. Some useful rules are:

  • Have someone watch the fire at all times
  • Check the forecast and make sure no strong winds are forecast while you are burning
  • For a BBQ have at least five metres between you and other combustible material such as building, hedge or fence.
  • Don’t burn close to a public road as smoke may blow across the road obstructing traffic visibility. Alternatively make sure the wind is blowing away from the road.
  • Contact the phone and power provider if you are burning close to overhead power lines
  • Always have enough water on hand  in case things don’t go to plan
  • Make sure the fire is totally extinguished when you finish
  • If something goes wrong call 111

If you would like to apply for a fire permit or find out more about the current fire season status, please contact the Southern Rural Fire Authority on 0800 77 33 63, or visit its website.

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