Mobile Trading Bylaw proposed changes


The Gore District Council is reviewing its Mobile Trading Bylaw 2011. As part of the process it is seeking feedback from the public on some proposed changes.

The reviewed draft bylaw and statement of proposal can be found below.

The changes include a new name - Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2018 - to more accurately reflect the activities the bylaw covers.

There are also changes to where businesses can place signs. These include:

  • Sandwich boards (excluding flags) must be placed either against the shop frontage or against the kerb, not a mixture of both.
  • All flag signage must be against the shop frontage, unless written approval is obtained from the Council.
  • Retail displays, sandwich boards, flag signage etc must be removed daily at the close of business
  • Each retail premises is allowed a maximum of four sandwich boards and/or flags.

The signage changes are proposed as a result of complaints from the public and retailers in the District. There has been an increasing problem with mobile traders placing signage in inappropriate locations and the number of signs they have, as well as the location of where they may trade in proximity to existing established businesses.

There have also been issues around sandwich boards and flag signage on the street sometimes obstructing pedestrians and motorists, and in some cases businesses have been writing on footpaths to promote their wares or services.

Submissions on the bylaw are open until 5.00pm Friday 18 May. If you make a submission, please indicate whether you want to speak in support of it to councillors.

Submissions may be delivered to the Council’s office 29 Bowler Avenue, Gore; mailed to PO Box 8, Gore 9740; or emailed to

The Council will acknowledge in writing each submission received. Submitters wishing to speak in support of their submission will be contacted by the Council with the date and time of the hearing.

2018 Draft Trading in Public Places Bylaw [PDF, 303 KB] 

Statement of Proposal for Trading in Public Places Bylaw [PDF, 128 KB]

Summary of Statement of Proposal for Trading in Public Places Bylaw [PDF, 124 KB]

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