Grants & Funding

The Gore District Council looks after six funding schemes. They are

  • Creative Communities NZ Scheme,
  • Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund,
  • Rural Halls and Domain Scheme,
  • Pioneer Women's Memorial Trust Scholarships
  • the Coster Fund, and
  • the Special Rural Fund.

We also offer two education scholarships each year.

Gore District Council Tertiary Education Scholarships

Applications for 2019 are now open


Scholarship Criteria [PDF, 156 KB]

Scholarship Application Form [PDF, 219 KB]


Each year the Council offers two tertiary education scholarships, valued at $1,000 each. The scholarships are an initiative of the Gore District Youth Council and have been set up for young people from the Gore District who are commencing tertiary study.

Their studies should be in a council relevant area and there is the opportunity for up to 10 weeks paid work experience with the Council during holiday breaks.

The scholarships will be available to young people who

  • are dedicated to studying,
  • have a clear vision of the goals they want to achieve, and
  • a passion for making a difference.

The scholarships are open to school leavers who live in the Gore District and are aged 19 years or under. They must be going on to study at a tertiary level.


Gore Creative Communities Scheme

Applications for the 2019 - 2020 funding round are closed

We have a partnership with Creative New Zealand to promote, support and increase participation in community arts and cultural activities in the Gore district. Each year Creative New Zealand provides Creative Communities Scheme funding to Council to distribute.

There is no maximum amount you can apply for, however grants usually range between $200 - $2,000.

Any group, organisation or individual that can meet the grant criteria can apply, however, grants are not for individual gain.

Applications are called for twice a year, usually around February and August.

Creative Communities NZ scheme application guide [PDF, 2.6 MB]


NZ Sports Rural Travel Fund

Applications for the summer 2019 - 2020 round are closed.

This fund is designed to subsidise travel for junior teams taking part in local sport competitions. It is open to rural sports clubs and school teams in the Gore District. Those taking part in the sports must be aged between five years and 19 years. The fund is for travel to local sports competition out of school time, and not regional or national events. Applications are called for twice a year, usually around February and August.

Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund 2018-2020 guidelines [PDF, 438 KB]


Pioneer Women's Memorial Trust Scholarships

We look after these scholarships for the Trust. Each year the Trust offers two educational bursaries, valued at $750 each, to students who are contemplating tertiary education or a trade apprenticeship. They are available to present pupils of Gore High School, St Peter's College, Blue Mountain College and Menzies College.

2019 Application form [PDF, 723 KB]

Restroom Saga [PDF, 989 KB]


Rural Halls and Domains

For many rural communities their hall and domain are a focal point, a venue for events that bind and strengthen the community. The Council has funding available via its Rural Halls and Domains Grant Scheme to help with any capital projects and significant work associated with ensuring the long-term future of these important facilities. Everyday running costs are not eligible for the scheme. Applications are called for around May.


Coster Fund

Criteria and application form [PDF, 457 KB]

This fund was created from a bequest by a Mataura resident Claude Coster. Under the funding guidelines the money has to be spent in Mataura on projects that will benefit its people. Only not-for-profit organisations can apply and the maximum grant available is for 50 per cent of a project's total cost. Applications for funding will be publicly notified.


Special Rural Fund

This fund was established from money paid to the Council by the Southland District Council as a result of local government amalgamation in 1989. It was used for grants and loans, as well as subsidising rural rates, for a number of years before being set aside to rebuild. There are no plans in the foreseeable future to resume dispensing money from this fund.

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