Public Notices

Public notices relating to alcohol licences can be found on our Alcohol Licensing pages.

Public notices relating to road closures can be found on our Road Closures and Road Conditions page.


Submission hearing

The Council received 53 submissions on the Water Supply Bylaw amendments. Five people have asked to speak in support of their submissions. The hearing will be held on Wednesday 12 December, starting at 11.00am, in the Council's committee room. 

Ontario Street railway crossing repairs

KiwiRail will be repairing the railway crossing in Ontario Street on Sunday 16 December, between 7.00am and 7.00pm. Motorists are advised there will be delays as the crossing will be down to one lane.

Free Parking for Christmas

The Gore District Council is, for the third year, offering free parking on the following days: 

  • Thursday 22 November
  • All weekends in December
  • Monday to Friday 17-21 December
  • Monday 24 December

The free parking includes all metered parks and the Brennan Lane carpark, behind Main Street. It does not include mobility parks, loading zones and all restricted time zones. These will be monitored.

Intention to revoke reserves classification

The Gore District Council advises that in accordance with Sections 24 (1)(b) and 24 (2) of the Reserves Act 1977, it has resolved that the piece of land controlled and managed by the Council, and described in the schedule below, will have the reserve classification revoked in accordance with the provisions of the Act. 

The reason for the proposed revocation of the reserve status is that the land is no longer used for the sport of hockey in Mataura and has no other recreational purpose. 

Upon revocation and notice in the Gazette, the described land will revert to fee simple with the intention that it be sold. 


Trustbank Park, being 0.9355ha, more or less, being Lot 1, DP 12954, All CT 10C/229, NZ Gazette 4 July 1996, page 1695.

Submissions are invited from the public. These should be addressed to Ian Soper, Parks and Recreation Manager, PO Box 8, Gore or emailed to, no later than 5.00pm on Friday 14 December 2018.

Special Licences for summer events

If you're holding an event this holiday season that requires a special alcohol licence, make sure you apply as soon as possible or your application may not be processed in time.

You may need a special licence if you're organising a party this Christmas or New Year and selling or supply alcohol.

Applications for a special licence must be lodged at least 20 working days before the event is held, although exceptions may be made for unforeseen events. Please remember working days do not include weekends, statutory holidays or any day between 20 December 2018 and 15 January 2019.

Special licence application deadlines are:

December 2018 event - application submitted by Friday 2 November 2018 

January 2019 event - application submitted by Friday 16 November 2018

February 2019 event - application submitted by Friday 7 December 2018

Removal of boil water notice

Chlorine levels in the Otama Rural Water Scheme are meeting the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards minimum requirement of 0.2 mg/l. Therefore, the Council has removed the permanent Boil Water Notice.

Our staff will continue to monitor chlorine levels throughout the scheme’s network to ensure they are meeting NZ Drinking Water Standards.

Tulloch Park closure for redevelopment

Stage One of the redevelopment of Tulloch Park, in Mataura, will result in the following being closed to the public:

  • Playground access from SH1 and Glendhu Road
  • The gravel car park behind the old pool and rugby field
  • Tulloch Park public toilets (Queens Park public toilets are open 24/7)

The carpark immediately to the south of the old pool is still available for use.

It is hoped to have the work finished by December.

Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill

The Gore District Council gives notice that it intends to promote the Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill as a Local Bill to Parliament.

The Otama Rural Water Supply Scheme is governed by the Otama Rural Water Supply Committee but not owned by that Committee. The water supply scheme services approximately 223 dwellings and the majority of those users have voted to have the Scheme's ownership transferred to a new company where the users are the shareholders.  A transfer from the Council to a company is prohibited by section 130 of the Local Government Act 2002. For this reason specific legislation is required to enable a transfer of ownership.

The objects of the Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill are:

  1. To specify the process that the Gore District Council must follow to authorise a transfer of the Otama Rural Water Supply scheme to Otama Rural Water Limited. This process includes consultation with the Medical Officer of Health, the preparation of a transfer plan, and conducting a referendum of Scheme users; and
  2. To provide for related matters if the scheme is transferred to the Company.

Communications about the Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill can be sent to the Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Parry, Gore District Council, 29 Bowler Avenue, PO Box 8, Gore 9740.

The Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill can be inspected from Wednesday 30 May 2018 to Friday 22 June 2018 below. It is also available at the Council's office at 29 Bowler Avenue, the Gore Library, Norfolk Street, Gore, and the Mataura service centre and library, McQueen Avenue, Mataura. 

Gore District Council (Otama Rural Water Supply) Bill draft for consultation [PDF, 477 KB] 

LINZ certification and letter [PDF, 1 MB] 

Representation Arrangements for the 2019 Local Elections

On 1 November 2017 the Gore District Council gave public notice of its final proposal for representation arrangements to apply for the Council and its community board for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019.

Representation Arrangements for 2019 Elections [PDF, 348 KB]

Flush Water Before Drinking

The Ministry of Health recommends that you flush a mugful of water from your drinking water tap each morning, before use, to remove any traces of metals from the plumbing fittings that may have dissolved. This simple precaution is recommended for all households in the District, whether on public or private water supplies, as trace metals in water can pose a small risk to your health.

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