24 November 2017

Committee meeting briefs

Brief items from the Council's round of committee meetings this week are:

Muslim burials: An area is being set aside at the Pukerau cemetery for members of our Muslim community to bury followers of the faith.

Drink up: River Valley Lions is donating a drinking fountain with bottle filler and dog drinking bowl to the community. It will be located at Hamilton Park.

Sgt Dan: Preparations are underway to install a long-term temporary exhibition focusing on the history of Sgt Dan and Gore’s Creamota Mill at the historical centre.

Online stats: We have had, on average, 7,471 people a week visit the GDC website; three posts on the GDC facebook page (community awards, Tour of Southland bike giveaway and the heatwave in October) reached just under 30,000 people in total; and 12,138 found the GDC or Gore multisports complex on Google in October.

Be Water Wise: Water restrictions are on the horizon. Cooper's Wells was 35% lower than the five yearly average for October and at a level that wouldn’t normally be expected until February or March.

Smoothing the way: A total of 236km of grading has been completed in recent weeks, with a special focus on Waimumu, Dolamore, Pyramid Hill, Otama and Switzers Roads.

Street lighting: LED lighting is coming to a street near you, if you live in Gore that is. It's hoped to have 1304 lights installed next year, all going to plan.

Building stats: Consents with a total value of over $22.2million have been lodged with our BC team in the four months July to October, which is a huge increase on the same period last year. However, the number of consents is down from 130 to 112. Obviously some high value projects going on in the District. The average turnaround time last month to process a consent was 7.6 days last month, well within the 20 day limit.

Planning team: With the District embarking on a period of growth, attracting new business investment, higher tourist numbers and greater demand for local services, a review of existing planning services has been launched. It's planned to have the final report done by 15 December.

Money matters: After the first quarter of the year, the Council is largely on track with its finances.

Parking review: There is a review of parking restrictions within the CBD as a result of new businesses opening, relocating and those which have had a change of use. The review will focus on existing needs and requirements that have arisen as a result of these changes.

More info on any of these items is available on our agendas page.

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