26 February 2016

Council halves response time to water leaks

The Gore District Council is stepping up its approach to water conservation by initiating a 60 minute response time to water leak reports in Gore.

It is also making it easy for people to know whether a leak has been reported by spraying blue dazzle paint at the site and writing the date the leak was inspected.

District assets general manager Paul Withers said it was important for the Council to be proactive in tackling any needless wastage of water.

Marking a leak on the first inspection means people will not have to worry about whether it has been reported. It also means the Council should not receive multiple calls about the same leak.

The Council’s 3 Waters team will also be significantly reducing the time it takes to fix a leak, wherever possible, Mr Withers said.

“Usually our level of service to fix water leaks is 14 working days, unless it’s an emergency such as a major water main break.”

Staff are now aiming to repair leaks as soon as possible after they are reported, with a maximum turnaround time of eight working days.

Mr Withers acknowledged this will put pressure on the Council’s 3 Waters team. However, it was important to meet the community’s expectations at a time when people are being urged to conserve water.

Water levels at Cooper’s Wells were still holding and the Council hasn’t activated its emergency water take from the Mataura River, but this did not mean people can be complacent, he said.

“Daily water use this month has been fairly significant. We are using, on average, about 150L more per person per day in summer than in winter.”

Level 3 water restrictions remain in place. This means there’s a total ban on unattended hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems. Handheld hoses can be used only between 7.00pm and 9.00pm on alternative days.

Mr Withers thanked Gore residents who were doing their part. It was disappointing their efforts were being overshadowed by the few who disregard the restrictions, he said.

To report a leak, please call the Council’s customer service team on 209 0330.  

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: