29 July 2015

Innovation to mend gravel roads

The Gore District Council is launching a concentrated campaign to fix the District’s gravel roads left potholed and rutted by the prolonged wet weather in recent months.

Roading manager Murray Hasler says the Council’s roading contractor Downer has brought in extra resources to tackle the widespread potholes. Downer will be deploying a second grader in the District, as well as an innovative truck-mounted grader originally designed for clearing snow on sealed roads.

“This means we will be able to tackle a large area when the weather is fine and roads dry enough to grade.”

There have been very few “windows of opportunity” in the last couple of months to grade gravel roads, Mr Hasler said.

“Grading roads in wet conditions can actually make them worse, especially if it rains before the surface packs down. This can make the road almost impassable.”

In previous years, the Council has patched the potholes by hand because only a relatively small area has been affected.

“This year we have tried to keep up by hand patching but the potholing has become too widespread over the network.”

Mr Hasler commended rural residents for their patience – “it’s no fun putting up with potholes on your road. With the extra resources we will be able to restore road surfaces quicker and to a wider area”.

Click here to see the new grader in action.

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