7 June 2016

Late night water shutdowns scheduled

The water will be shutdown to sections of Gore over the next couple of weeks as the Gore District Council carries out its first leak detection programme for the entire town.

The work will be carried out over seven nights, starting tonight (7 June), and requires the water to be shut down from midnight to 5.00am. The town has been divided into seven zones for the work. Zone map [PDF, 865 KB] 

3 Waters Projects Manager Sam Bunting said the aim was to find out how much water might be leaking from the water supply network.

“We will be isolating one of seven zones each night, then placing a mobile flow rig at a fire hydrant within the zone. This will enable us to measure how much water leakage there may be.”

The Council has scheduled the work for late at night as there’s minimal draw off out of the network at this time, and it has the least impact on residents.

“So don’t worry if you see people working in the street in the wee hours of the morning.”

Mr Bunting warned there could be some discolouration when the water supply was restored; particularly in known problem areas, such as West Gore.

“People just need to make sure they run a tap for a short time to flush the water lines.”  

Mr Bunting said this was the first time, to the best of his knowledge, that the Council had conducted such an extensive leak detection programme.

“We did a bit of work around the Hilbre Avenue catchment in 2009 but have never covered almost the entire town.”

The Hilbre Avenue pressure zone is the only area not included in the programme.

“We found and fixed one leak, not visible from the surface, where 126m³ of water was escaping from the network every 24 hours.”  

The Council has produced a map showing each zone. There are between 300 and 500 water connections, residential and business, in each zone.

The leak detection schedule is:

Wednesday 8 June

Zone 7 – West Gore taking in Robertson Street and Charlton Road.

Thursday 9 June

Zone 6 – West Gore taking in southern end of Broughton Street, Kitchener Street and part of Robertson Street.   

Sunday 12 June

Zone 5 – West Gore taking in a section of Broughton Street, Albany Street to Eccles Street, and Coutts Road.

Monday 13 June

Zone 4 – Central and Southern Gore, taking in Main Street, Ardwick and Fairfield streets, the CBD, Salford, Bury and Hyde streets.

Tuesday 14 June

Zone 3 – North Gore, taking in Hokonui Drive and the northern end of Ardwick and Fairfield streets.

Wednesday 15 June

Zone 2 – East Gore from the Mataura River, taking in Railway Esplanade and part of Hamilton Street.

Thursday 16 June

Zone 1 – East Gore taking in Wentworth and Woolwich streets, and part of Hamilton St.

Please note this is a revised timetable from the one originally notified.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: