17 January 2020

Looking Out for Leaks – new identification system being trialled

We all need to look after our water — it’s a vital resource. If you see a water leak on the road or footpath over summer, please let us know.

It’s that time of year when people notice water leaks more because the ground is drier, says our 3 Waters Asset Manager Matt Bayliss.

“The Council is proactively working to reduce water loss from our water system and with the community’s help we can do our best to manage water leaks.”

This summer the Council is trialling a new `traffic light’ system where staff put a blue or red paint mark near a leak to let the community know the leak has been assessed and when it is likely to be repaired.

High priority leaks will be fixed as soon as possible, so they won’t be marked.

Red paint means the leak is assessed as medium priority and will be repaired in one to two weeks. Blue paint means repairs will be done routinely when staff can.

Where it’s practical, if a leak is on a berm or on a footpath, staff will put an orange road cone beside it to let people know it has been inspected.

“As we head into summer it’s also a great time to check your own property for water leaks and get them fixed,” Matt says.

“It’s amazing how much water is lost from a leaking toilet cistern, for example, so checking for leaks around your property is a great way to look after our water resource.”

The Council uses leak detection and listening equipment to target water leaks that are underground and can’t be seen.

If you see a water leak, call the Council on 03 209 0330 or report it via the Council app, Antenno.


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