19 May 2017

National water survey offers chance to win big

A national water survey aims to provide a better understanding of consumer attitudes to drinking water and stormwater, and offers the chance to win big.

Everyone who completes the online survey goes into the draw for $2000.

Participation is entirely voluntary and your responses will remain confidential. This survey has six sections which ask about you, customer service, water saving, the price of water, the future of water and healthy waterways.

3 Waters Manager Matt Bayliss encouraged people to get involved.

"The survey will provide useful information on customer satisfaction and potential areas of improvement within the water industry.

"It is important that the residents of the Gore District participate in this to ensure there is some local input on how the water industry can be improved."


Water use and efficiency: 
Aims to understand customers’ knowledge of their water source and attitude towards the efficient use of water.

Customer service: 
We would like to understand customer’s awareness of who provides their water, views on the quality of service they receive, and preferences regarding communication.

Price of water: 
Are customers aware of how their water services are charged, what they are paying for, how much they currently pay, if they believe that this represents value for money, and if the cost of water influences usage?

Water quality: 
Gauging the level of trust in water supply, customer’s understanding of water quality and treatment, and perception of whether or not treatment is adequate.

The future of water: 
Aiming to understand customer perception around water issues, including water shortages and water quality; confidence in their water provider to meets future needs; and the future governance of water supply.

Gauging customers’ understanding of stormwater services, who provides them, who pays for them, and attitudes towards flooding and the impact on the environment.


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