30 October 2013

New Council sworn in

Gore District Mayor Tracy Hicks has introduced work streams for councillors as he sets the Council on course to secure a vibrant and prosperous future for the community.

The specific work streams, which councillors will lead in partnership with staff, and the introduction of deputy chairs for committees were revealed at the Counci'ls statutory meeting to swear in councillors.

Mr Hicks said the rationale behind the establishment of the work streams was predicated on what he believed leadership in local government was all about.

'Engagement and leadership are, I believe, core functions of the Council and the proposed work streams will allow both individuals and the Council to step up to the mark for the district.'

The essential function of local government is embodied in the term 'place shaping', Mr Hicks said. The various functions of the Council, be it roading, water supply, libraries or community events, help shape the community.

Mr Hicks said he had given considerable thought to what would be the most effective governance structure for the Council. This has led to the creation of deputy chairs for the Council's four committees.

The move is primarily to allow more structured interaction between the Councillors and senior staff within each committee's specific area of influence and interest.

In welcoming the two new councillors and those returning for another term, Mr Hicks said he was looking forward to working with them to continue building on the capability and capacity of the Gore District over the next three years.

His aspirations and focus for this term include high quality water at a reasonable cost for residents, factoring in population growth and economic development at every opportunity, and a rigorous review of funding strategies to ensure the fairest system is utilised. 

The Council's leadership line up for this term is:

  • Deputy Mayor: Cr Cliff Bolger
  • Finance and Policy Committee: Cr Cliff Bolger (chair), Cr Doug Grant (deputy chair).
  • Operations Committee: Cr Nicky Davis (chair), Cr Ralph Beale (deputy chair).
  • Regulatory and Planning Committee: Cr Bret Highsted (chair), Cr Graham Page (deputy chair).
  • Community Services Committee: Cr Peter Grant (chair), Cr Anne Gover (deputy chair).
  • Chief Executive Review Committee: Cr Bolger (chair).
  • Audit Committee: Cr Highsted (chair).

The work streams for councillors are:

  • Economic development and growth: Led by Cr Davis with Crs D Grant and Highsted.
  • Rating analysis and funding review: Led by Cr Bolger with Crs Highsted, D Grant and G Page.
  • Communication, engagement and branding: Led by Cr D Grant with Cr Davis.
  • Security of 3 Waters: Led by Cr Beale with Crs Bolger and P Grant.
  • Establish a community development strategy: Led by Cr Gover with Cr Byars.
  • Roading service delivery: Led by Cr Sharp with Crs Byars and Beale.
  • Iwi engagement and partnership: Led by Cr Dixon with Crs Bolger and P Grant.
  • Industry development strategy: Led by Cr P Grant with Crs Highsted and Page.

Gore district councillors 2013

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