10 February 2015

Possum control underway in Otama/Knapdale area

The Otama/Knapdale area is now part of Environment Southland’s Possum Control Area (PCA) programme.

Possum control will be carried out on all properties within the Otama PCA by a possum control contractor during February to June 2015 following discussion and agreement with appropriate landowners.

This will include the set up of possum bait stations in strategic spots throughout the area to help maintain the possums at low numbers. Cyanide and Brodifacoum possum baits may be used within these bait stations on an ongoing basis annually.

Residents and visitors to the area should take care not to touch the stations, baits or dead possums.

Any possums should be treated as toxic and may pose a particular risk to dogs. Therefore all pets should be kept under strict control and not left to wander or scavenge. If you suspect poisoning, please consult a vet immediately.

For further information please go to Environment Southland's website  or give its biosecurity staff a ring on 0800 76 88 45.

Possum control operation map and information [PDF, 2.8 MB]

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