4 February 2020

Prepare for Evacuation Notice for Gore Residents

This notice has been authorised by Emergency Management Gore controller Ian Davidson-Watts

Modelling for the Mataura River shows that it may peak at 2400cubic metres per second at around noon tomorrow (Wednesday). This is just within the design specifications of the Gore stop banks and is higher than the flood levels in 1999.

We will have a better indication about whether the modelling is correct for Gore later tonight when the river peaks at Pyramid Bridge. As a precaution, we are telling people in East Gore (as shown by the orange area on the map below) to be ready to evacuate at short notice if the modelling shows the river level goes higher than expected. 

People and business owners in the green priority 3 area and Mataura also need to be prepared. 

People will be notified in the morning if they need to evacuate.

Gore Evacuation Map [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Mataura Evacuation Map [JPG, 363 KB]

Key things you need to do:

  • Please get essentials prepared, for yourself as well as your pets.
  • If you need to evacuate, Council staff and emergency services will go door to door to advise you as soon as possible.
  • Please check on your neighbours and make sure they are aware what is happening.
  • If you have elderly neighbours, they may require assistance with preparing.
  • Secure any potential hazards that may be outside – outdoor furniture, rubbish bins, garden equipment.
  • Ensure you have essential items in your grab bag – important documents, essential medications and clothing.
  • Have the necessary equipment for your pets ready too – leash, cage, food. Confine your pets now, if they feel threatened they may hide and make it difficult for you to find them when you need to leave.
  • If you have friends and family you can go to, please make arrangements early.
  • For those needing somewhere to stay, we have set up welfare centres at the Calvin Community Church in Robertson Street, the East Gore Arts Centre (old Presbyterian Church), in Rock Street, and
  • All schools in the Gore District are closed tomorrow.

Please listen to Hokonui Radio and CaveFM, as well as following the Council’s Facebook page to keep up to date with information.

Gore District Council 29 Bowler Avenue Gore P: 03 209 0330 E: