11 July 2018

Stormwater network testing to be carried out

Recent testing of the Gore District Council’s stormwater main in Kana Street identified the presence of E.coli in Mataura’s stormwater network. 

Between tomorrow (Friday 13 July) and Thursday 19 July the Council will undertake dye testing in the stormwater network on Kana Street to identify what is causing the E-coli results. This means  staff will access residential properties to conduct a simple dye test in the gully trap. The dye enables staff to trace the possible source of contamination. 

Council staff will be using environmentally friendly fluorescine dye, coloured green and red. The dye is water soluble and won’t leave a permanent stain on any surface or harm the environment.

A sign will be placed at the point the stormwater network discharges into the Mataura River to inform the public of the dye testing. The Council will ensure the dye testing will not cause too much of a change in the colour of the water in the river.

If anyone has any questions please call our 3 Waters Technical Officer Stuart O'Neill, phone 0278390763 to discuss.


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