27 October 2015

Taha Fertilizer consent granted

Taha Fertilizer Industries Ltd’s land use consent application for the storage of up to 10,000 tonnes of Ouvea Premix and eight tonnes of ammonia sulphate at the former Mataura paper mill, in Kana Street, has been granted.

The consent is retrospective and subject to 26 conditions. The conditions address issues relating to the monitoring of the Ouvea on site, flood protection, management of the effects of ammonia gas leaks should they occur, community liaison and a bond.

The decision was made by independent hearing commissioners Colin Weatherall and David Pullar following extensive public consultation.

It is open to appeal to the Environment Court by Taha or any submitter within 15 working days of the parties receiving it.

Key points include:

  • The consent is for two years from the date it commences 
  • The consent relates to the Ouvea already stored on site as at 12 May 2015
  • No more Ouvea is allowed to be brought on to the site
  • Taha must construct a flood diversion structure north of the paper mill within two months of the consent commencing
  • Weekly monitoring for ammonia gas will be conducted at the site and monthly monitoring reports will be produced. These must be given to the Council within five working day following the end of the month
  • The community liaison group will continue – it will include a member of the Mataura community (appointed by the Mataura Community Board) and a senior GDC staff member
  • Taha is to provide a bond of $2.3million within 40 days of the consent being granted
  • Taha must prepare an Environmental Management Plan, Flood Protection Plan and a Traffic Management Plan

Taha Fertilizer Industries decision [PDF, 776 KB]

For more information go to our Taha Fertilizer Industries consent application process page.

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