5 April 2013

Total hosing ban in place

The Gore District Council has issued a total hosing ban, effective immediately, as water usage for Gore exceeds supply.

District assets general manager Paul Withers said the town used 300,000 litres more than could be pumped out of Coopers Wells in a 48 hour period. With no significant rainfall forecast, he stressed the need for residents to conserve water to avoid the wells’ supply being completely depleted.

The Council has spoken to commercial users about the severe shortage and advised the Gore Fire Brigade to take a water tanker to any major fires. The Council’s parks and reserves team has also been advised to turn off water irrigation systems.

The wells’ inability to recharge was picked up during a routine operator check today.

Less water to pump main issue

Mr Withers said the deficit is due to less water in the ground to pump rather than too much demand.

“We are just lucky the weather hasn’t been warmer or we would be in a worse position.

“The weekend will give us some relief from commercial demand but there is no significant rainfall in sight to recharge the aquifers.”

Mr Withers said simple water conservation measures, such as not flushing the toilet unless absolutely necessary, can make a big difference.

The last time the Council moved to level 4 water restrictions was in 2008. Level 4 means the use of unattended hoses, sprinklers, garden irrigation systems and handheld hoses is banned.

Car washing by handheld hose is also prohibited but Mr Withers hopes people will forgo washing cars even with a bucket of water until the situation eases.

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