4 December 2013

Use water wisely and make every drop count

With the weather warming up and demand on Gore’s water supply increasing, it’s time for people to start thinking about water usage.

3 Waters Asset Manager Sarah Dowling said the recent spell of hot weather saw a spike in water consumption in Gore. The peak time was usually from 5pm to 8pm, when people get home from work and either water their garden or start getting tea ready.

“While it’s understandable that people feel they need to water their garden after a hot day, it is better if they do it after the peak evening period.”

Miss Dowling warned that the Council’s water supply wells are likely to get low again this season, which means water restriction will need to be put in place.

However, efforts now to use water wisely will have an impact, she said.

“If everyone can be slightly better with their water use, it all adds up.”

The Council also has a role in using water wisely and this year the essential services team has come up with a project to make sure the plants at the parks and reserves depot don’t run out of water.

A system is being installed to capture rainfall from the roof of the depot and reuse it to water the plants. This type of water capture and storage is common place in the rural sector, Miss Dowling said.

It was also starting to find favour with urban residents and there are a number of attractive water tank options on the market today, she said.

Tips to be a water efficient gardener

  • Generally, you only need to water the garden every three to five days. A thorough soaking once or twice a week, when the soil has dried out, is more beneficial.
  • Water early morning and late evening not during the heat of the day, as a lot of water is lost through evaporation. Water droplets on leaves in bright sunlight can act as lenses, concentrating the sunlight and burning leaves.
  • Water the highest parts of the garden first so any run off will go to the lower dry areas.
  • Keep the mulch topped up. Mulch can prevent up to 75 percent of evaporation loss, prevents run off and keeps the soil cool.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself to turn the sprinkler off, or use a soaker instead of a sprinkler.
  • Dig the soil – well-turned, aerated soil will absorb water easily.

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