1 December 2017

Why should I conserve water?

Continued dry weather and falling well levels have forced the Gore District Council to put level two water restrictions in place for Gore.

It's important everyone does their bit to ensure the level of water in our wells doesn't become critical.

But why should you conserve water? Here's some common questions we get asked:

Why are there water restrictions?

  • Continued dry weather and falling river levels are the main reasons. Cooper’s Well, the main source for Gore’s water supply, is about 35% lower than normal as a result of the dry winter and spring.
  • The Mataura River is 46% lower for this time of the year than the five yearly average.
  • Rainfall in Gore for October was only 47mm, compared to a monthly average of 104mm. For November 73mm of rain fell, compared to a monthly average of 96.7mm.

Why should I conserve water when the Council is supplying it to Mataura Valley Milk?

  • The Council is not currently supplying water to MVM 
  • When it does start to supply MVM with water, the agreement is for a relatively small quantity - 700 cubic metres a day. This is only 10% of our resource consent daily allowance for Gore. 
  • The Council will be supplying MVM from a water source we do not use for our town supply, therefore it will have no impact on Gore's drinking water supply.

Why doesn’t the Council use this other water source for town supply?

  • It will require significant capital expenditure to treat the water to the standard required for town supply. 
  • Given the daily take is small, this expenditure is not justifiable at this time. 
  • Our focus is on upgrading our existing water treatment plants to meet national standards. 

Why can farmers use large quantities of water to irrigate their land while I have to conserve water? 

  • The Council does not issue consents for or regulate use of water on farms. That work is done by Environment Southland. 
  • Before it issues a consent to a farm near Gore, ES is required to check with us that its water use will not impact on our water sources. 
  • In the past the Council has vigorously opposed water use resource consent applications in a bid to protect our water sources for Gore.  

For more information on where our water comes from and how to be water wise please go to our Water Wise page.

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